Affordable Housing


Housing and land use decisions made by the City Council are perhaps the most important in shaping our community, and I will be a champion for families and renters in Ward 6. We deserve a healthy community that we can all be proud of. The Council needs to make sure that when new housing is built, we prioritize affordable units, multi-bedroom housing, and energy efficiency.  Renters in our Ward 6 deserve to affordable, dignified living situations and I will fight vigorously for tenant rights.

I also know home ownership is one of the most reliable ways for people in poverty to build wealth, so I’ll help facilitate processes for more people to become homeowners, including providing alternative financing solutions to help purchase homes. Inequality in housing is often tied to larger inequalities in our communities. I believe that increasing the rate of home ownership is a good start towards ending this inequity.

For the homeless in our Ward, I will advocate for more safe sources of shelter and space. They deserve the same dignity as the rest of us, and we should do our absolute best to care for them.

Access to safe housing, good schools, and common green spaces are all public health issues. Many areas of the city, especially high-income neighborhoods, are growing, but too many of us are being left behind. There has been a lack of investment in Ward 6 during the past 4 years. I will make sure that small businesses are able to grow and peacefully co-exist with residential spaces. When this is achieved, everyone wins.

As your City Council Member, I will advocate to provide more opportunities for every neighborhood and group of people. I will be present in your communities, and I will listen to what you need. I will work to make city processes more transparent, so that you can see exactly what I am doing, and offer input to make it better. I believe Ward 6 can be a place where everyone feels welcome, safe, and at home.

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