Ward 6 Deserves a Real Progressive - Mohamud Noor

Dear Neighbor,

As the State Representatives who represent you and your neighbors in Ward 6, we are joined by Senators Scott Dibble and Patricia Torres Ray to ask you to vote for Mohamud Noor for City Council, a progressive leader with integrity who will represent all our neighborhoods.

We have known Noor personally for decades and have witnessed his advocacy firsthand as he has championed affordable housing, tenants rights, employment, racial equity, a $15 minimum wage, and making Minneapolis a sanctuary city in every sense of the word for all our residents. He is ready to take on the challenge of resisting Trump and ensuring that Minneapolis is the first line of defense for our residents.

There is only one progressive candidate running for City Council in Ward 6 and that is Mohamud Noor.

Abdi Warsame is the only elected official in Minneapolis who is against marriage equality. At this year’s DFL convention he stated “I believe that marriage is between a man and woman. And I would say that again.” Ward 6 can do better.

Warsame has failed to engage the diverse constituencies of Ward 6. He has aligned himself with big business interests and the Minneapolis Police Federation who fund his campaign, over the needs of working families.

Warsame also derailed a very important legislative effort to improve quality in interpretation services that took advocacy groups four years to craft, arguing that his own family would be taken out of the translation business.

We need a unifying leader who can build bridges across communities. Council Member Warsame, who holds a 25 out of 100 rating on the Our Revolution progressive report card (bit.ly/MplsReport), has failed our Ward on issues of income inequality, police reform, LGBT equality and climate change.

We look forward to partnering with Mohamud Noor to find solutions to the urgent issues facing our communities. He is a collaborative leader who listens to others and finds common ground towards a shared goal of improving people’s lives.

Our communities can’t afford to wait for racial, economic and environmental justice. We need a Council member who will represent all residents of Ward 6 and their values.

We humbly ask you to make Mohamud Noor your first choice for City Council Tuesday November 7th.


State Representative Ilhan Omar (First Somali person elected to state office) 
State Representative Karen Clark (Longest serving LGBTQ legislator in U.S.)
State Representative Raymond Dehn
State Representative Jim Davnie
Senator Scott Dibble
Senator Patricia Torres Ray

Mohamud Noor DFL Caucus Challenge Letter

April 13, 2017


Dan McConnell, Chair

Minneapolis DFL

4309 S. 30th Ave.

Minneapolis, MN  55406-3710

Re:      6th Ward DFL caucuses


Dear Mr. McConnell:

            My name is Mohamud Noor and I am a candidate for the 6th Ward. I am writing you about the serious procedural flaws in the precinct caucuses in the 6th Ward, which took place on April 4, 2017.  I would request that you bring these complaints to the attention of the Central Committee, the Credentials Committee, or whichever governing body will supervise the upcoming 6th Ward Convention.

Throughout my campaign for Ward 6 city council, I heard a recurring concerns that the process will be flawed and will stain the entire process of securing delegates for the convention. I assured our supporters that the process will be fair.

Prior to the caucuses, all 6th Ward candidates and the Minneapolis DFL entered into written agreements, copies of which are attached hereto as Exhibits A and B. In that agreement, the candidates and the Minneapolis DFL agreed, inter alia, to set clear rules, regulations, procedures, and other requirements in the conduct of Minneapolis Ward 6 caucuses. Despite our best efforts, the process was flawed and it becomes the unfortunate task of the Minneapolis DFL to repair the damage and credibility of the Party. I have also attached testimonial and other Exhibits that supports our claim. Below are some of the violations, improper rules, fraud, and instances of dishonesty.    


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Mohamud Noor Releases Donor Data in Response to Sabri Accusations


March 31, 2017


Erik Myster                                                                                                                                                                                       651-280-5460                                                                                                                                                   Noorforward6@gmail.com

Mohamud Noor Releases Donor Data in Response to Sabri Accusations

March 31, 2017 Minneapolis, MN — Mohamud Noor, candidate for City Council in Ward 6 responds today to the the recent Campaign Literature piece from the Warsame campaign. Noor is releasing their large donor data as proof that the Sabri family is in no way involved in the campaign.

Mohamud Noor believes in running an independent and honest campaign. “My campaign is centered in progressive values and building a better future for all Ward 6 residents. I am in no way supported by the Sabri family. The Sabri family has never contributed to any of my election campaigns, and I pledge to not accept their donations or support now and in the future. I am releasing my major donor information to show everyone that we have not taken any money from the Sabri family.”

Mohamud Noor is focused on providing a progressive vision for Ward 6 and listening to all residents. “This election should be about our shared values and the issues important to all residents of Ward 6, and I encourage everyone to join me in the conversation about our collective goals. He believes that Ward 6 needs a City Councilmember who will work to pass a 15 dollar minimum wage, increase our city’s investment in affordable housing and reforming the police”

Mohamud Noor is seeking DFL endorsement for Ward 6 City Council. He has been a leader in the community for over 19 years serving in multiple different roles throughout the community. Currently, he serves as the executive director of the Confederation of Somali Communities helping over 4,000 families gain access to benefits widely available.


For more information on Mohamud Noor and his campaign

Visit votenoor.com

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Curious About Caucusing?

We know that caucusing can seem complicated and confusing, but it's really easy! The first step to winning the November election is to win the DFL endorsement now and we can't do it without you, the residents of the ward. The Caucus night on April 4th is the initial meeting to begin the endorsement process. Neighbors in each ward precinct come together to assign or elect delegates to the Ward Convention. Delegates are assigned based on who would like to be one, what candidate they support, and the proportion of support that candidate has at the caucus. Support is dependent on who shows up. If you share our progressive values, you can help just by showing up. After Caucus night, appointed delegates from the 9 precincts gather at the Ward Convention on May 6th for final rounds of voting to determine which City Council candidate receives the endorsement. A candidate must have at least 60% of the votes in order to receive the endorsement. To move progressive policies forward in the City and elect a Council Member that represents the whole ward, show up to your Caucus on April 4th to support Mohamud Noor.