Curious About Caucusing?

We know that caucusing can seem complicated and confusing, but it's really easy! The first step to winning the November election is to win the DFL endorsement now and we can't do it without you, the residents of the ward. The Caucus night on April 4th is the initial meeting to begin the endorsement process. Neighbors in each ward precinct come together to assign or elect delegates to the Ward Convention. Delegates are assigned based on who would like to be one, what candidate they support, and the proportion of support that candidate has at the caucus. Support is dependent on who shows up. If you share our progressive values, you can help just by showing up. After Caucus night, appointed delegates from the 9 precincts gather at the Ward Convention on May 6th for final rounds of voting to determine which City Council candidate receives the endorsement. A candidate must have at least 60% of the votes in order to receive the endorsement. To move progressive policies forward in the City and elect a Council Member that represents the whole ward, show up to your Caucus on April 4th to support Mohamud Noor.

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