Here are the list of my endorsements:





"I'm thrilled to join progressive organizations like Take Action Minnesota, Outfront, Our Revolution and progressive leaders like Rep. Karen Clark and Mayor Betsy Hodges in endorsing Mohamud Noor for Ward 6 city council. Like them, I understand the importance of having a progressive voice on the council who will not hesitate to affirm that Black lives matter, love is love, and the people of our city come before profits." 

Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar


"I am proud to endorse Mohamud Noor for the 6th ward of Minneapolis city council. We really need a strong progressive leader like Mohamud. He listens to people which is so important to me and so important to so many of us. I think he will be able to unite us around the principles and values and the big concerns we have now especially in the areas of affordable housing, safe community, good paying jobs. The kinds of things that means a lot to the people who live here. I am very happy that he has offered himself for a candidacy for this ward. I hope that we can all support him and come together as the diverse beautiful community that we are."

Minnesota State Representative Karen Clark 


“Mohamud Noor is a community servant and true progressive champion. Ward 6 needs a strong voice for social and economic justice and I believe that Mohamud Noor is the one for the job. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

 Minnesota State Representative Susan Allen


"Mohamud Noor is the progressive voice Ward 6 needs. He brings a wealth of experience building strong partnerships from city hall to our diverse communities. He's fought for affordable housing, restorative justice, and workforce accessibility in the Somali community and Citywide. Noor has been a champion for our children’s education while serving on the Minneapolis school board. He knows the type of unifying leadership we need on the City Council. I know we'll continue to work together to bring more voices to the table."

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges



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