Mohamud Noor Releases Donor Data in Response to Sabri Accusations


March 31, 2017


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Mohamud Noor Releases Donor Data in Response to Sabri Accusations

March 31, 2017 Minneapolis, MN — Mohamud Noor, candidate for City Council in Ward 6 responds today to the the recent Campaign Literature piece from the Warsame campaign. Noor is releasing their large donor data as proof that the Sabri family is in no way involved in the campaign.

Mohamud Noor believes in running an independent and honest campaign. “My campaign is centered in progressive values and building a better future for all Ward 6 residents. I am in no way supported by the Sabri family. The Sabri family has never contributed to any of my election campaigns, and I pledge to not accept their donations or support now and in the future. I am releasing my major donor information to show everyone that we have not taken any money from the Sabri family.”

Mohamud Noor is focused on providing a progressive vision for Ward 6 and listening to all residents. “This election should be about our shared values and the issues important to all residents of Ward 6, and I encourage everyone to join me in the conversation about our collective goals. He believes that Ward 6 needs a City Councilmember who will work to pass a 15 dollar minimum wage, increase our city’s investment in affordable housing and reforming the police”

Mohamud Noor is seeking DFL endorsement for Ward 6 City Council. He has been a leader in the community for over 19 years serving in multiple different roles throughout the community. Currently, he serves as the executive director of the Confederation of Somali Communities helping over 4,000 families gain access to benefits widely available.


For more information on Mohamud Noor and his campaign





As of 3/30

Donations over 100 dollars from 1/31 (start of the campaign) to Present

Any private information such as addresses, phone numbers or emails will only be released in accordance with legal requirements in August. We are publicizing our large donor list now to illustrate our campaign is funded by community members - not special interests: engaged residents desiring genuine progressive leadership for Ward 6. We believe honesty is an important trait for our representatives.



Abdulkadir Abdalla

Principal of a School

Osman Ahmed


Goth Ali


David Bjork

Integrated Healthcare Strategies/Consultant

James Hagger

Campaign Staff, Murphy for Murphy

Abdulrehman Hassan


Mohamud Isse


Carla Kjellberg


Hibaw Mohamud


Sahra Mohmoud


Meredith Matt Musel

Major Gifts Director

Abdow Mohamed

Business Owner

Abdi Nasir

 Self Employed

Fanzia Samatar

Fairview Hospital

Juana Sandoval


Richard Senese 

President of Capella University

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