Neighborhood Building


Ward 6 is a vibrant and diverse community, home to East African and Latino immigrants, Native Americans, and a large community of renters of all ages and backgrounds. We are rich in culture, but our average household income is nearly $40,000 less than the rest of Minneapolis. Unemployment is 5% higher in Ward 6 than other areas of the city. Too many hardworking families in our neighborhoods are being left behind.

To bring prosperity to our communities, I will focus on bringing all of our voices to the table, and working together to find solutions that work for everyone. Many of us in Ward 6 have different backgrounds, but I know that we have common ground here: we all want to feel safe in our streets and parks, live in spaces where we feel comfortable, and earn enough to provide for the people we love. Prioritizing a certain neighborhood or group of people for political reasons does not lead to progress. I will build on our shared values to proactively find solutions to make Ward 6 a better place to work, live, and play.

With my experience, I know that the City Council cannot do it all, but it can help. This is why I pledge to always listen first to those who call Ward 6 home. As your councilman, I will help fund our neighborhood associations, and be an active member of the conversations and solutions these groups are initiating. As a former board member of the West Bank Community Coalition, I know how to effectively initiate change by gathering neighbors together. I’ll work closely with the Minneapolis Park Board to ensure that the all parks in Ward 6 are fully renovated and continue to receive the maintenance they deserve. I’ll prioritize transit solutions that will allow us to get to work quickly and inexpensively. When big banks deny our neighbors access to loans, I’ll help to provide alternative financing sources. I’ll work to build relationships and bring new voices to the table when it’s time to make decisions. Through co-governance, we can create a community where everyone is both included in the process and proud to call Ward 6 their home.


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