Re-entry of Inmates


I stand with former prisoners who have paid their debt to society and will work with the City Council so they can get back on their feet with dignity.

I believe that it is imperative we restore the right for ex-felons to vote in the city of Minneapolis. Voting is the essence of democracy, and to continue this lack of representation is unjust. Their issues are just as important as ours, and so is their voice. It is up to us to give it back to them.

The city has a responsibility to ex-inmates who have served their time. Too many of our young people who have made a bad decision are unable to secure the essentials to living: a job, a home, or access to the assistive services they deserve once they are released. That so many former prisoners end up homeless after release is unacceptable. This is one of the worst effects of mass incarceration: by overprosecuting communities, we have internalized a suspicion towards reintegration. It is up to us to not only welcome former prisoners back into our community, we should expect them to be as engaged as everyone else!

To this end, I will improve access to housing, educational, and vocational programs. We should incentivize companies to hire from this population as well as provide opportunity for their own Small Business Empowerments, so they can learn essential entrepreneurial skills and reinvest in our community. This way, we can all build a stronger Ward 6, together.


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