Ward Economics


As someone who is proud to call Ward 6 home, every day I am ashamed when I see the continuing neglect of our neighborhoods. Our ward has the lowest rate of homeownership and the highest rates of poverty. This is unacceptable. Downtown is growing, but we are being left behind. As your Councilman, I will help build a ward that works for us all. To ensure this, I will fight for a 15 dollar living wage and help bring small businesses and jobs to those in our community who are struggling just to survive every day.

Too many in our Somali community are denied access to the services needed to participate in the local economy. Big banks restrict many of our neighbors from opening or accessing their accounts. This prevents many of us from obtaining jobs, pursuing loans needed to purchase a car, buy a house, or open a business. If the big banks will not work with us, we need to set up programs that allow immigrants the fair access to small loans and basic banking services that they deserve.

You deserve a Council Member who will govern with you. There needs to better communication about what is happening in our communities that are being overlooked. I have experience with the WBCC as a board member and have repeatedly shown a commitment to bringing everyone to the table. I believe the City Council should reach out, sit down, and listen to the people, and I know I can do it.

As your Councilman, I will work with the city to implement a new framework allowing us to invest in our neighborhoods once again. We need bigger and better commitments to community organizations. Such organizations are crucial towards supporting small businesses by providing education and consulting centered around things that might otherwise be hard for the average citizen: initial setup, planning, and maintaining success. By increasing the number of small businesses in our neighborhoods, we can begin to reinvest in our communities organically, a privilege many others are afforded, and that I believe Ward 6 should be afforded too.


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